Bitkey Release Notes
The latest updates to Bitkey app and firmware.
Jul 3, 2024
Version 2024.62.0
Bitkey App
  • Improved transaction speed-up: Customers can now speed up transactions of any size.

  • Inactive address notifications: Receive a notification when funds are sent to an inactive Bitkey address. Funds can then be transferred to an active Bitkey wallet.

InfoNote: Rollout of some features can take up to 7 days from release date.
Jun 24, 2024
Version 2024.61.1
Bitkey App

Bitkey - Release Notes - Hide Balance (Image)
  • Hide balance: Tap your balance in the Bitkey app to hide your current balance and transaction details.

  • Biometric sign-in: Option to require biometric sign-in or PIN to unlock your Bitkey app

  • Hardware wipe: Ability to wipe and reset your Bitkey device to factory settings for easier recovery testing and transfer of ownership.

Jun 13, 2024
Version 1.0.80

Bitkey - Release Notes - Multiple Fingerprints (Image)
  • Multiple Fingerprint Support: Now supports enrolling up to 3 fingerprints.

  • Fingerprint Enrollment Improvements: Increased the number of fingerprint scans required during enrollment and made general reliability improvements.

  • Press to Lock: When the device is unlocked, pressing a finger against the sensor will now scan the finger and either refresh the lock duration or lock the device if an invalid finger is scanned.

  • Battery Improvements: Various enhancements to improve the accuracy of the reported battery state of charge.

Jun 13, 2024
Version 2024.60.0
Bitkey App
  • Multiple fingerprints: Add up to 3 different fingerprints that can be used to unlock your Bitkey hardware.

Jun 3, 2024
Version 2024.59.1
Bitkey App
Bitkey - Release Notes - Expected Transactions (Image)
  • Expected Transactions: When sending bitcoin into Bitkey from an integrated exchange using the 'Add' feature, the status of that incoming transfer will be updated immediately in a new dashboard, instead of needing to wait for it to be broadcast by that exchange to the bitcoin network.