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Own your bitcoin

Bitkey is a self-custody bitcoin wallet with an app, hardware, and recovery tools.

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Everything you need

in one wallet



You own the private keys that control your bitcoin.



2-of-3 multi-signature wallet with secure hardware device.



Mobile app to send, receive, and transfer bitcoin on the go.


Peace of mind

Recovery tools in case you lose your phone, hardware, or both.

Your keys, your money

Your private keys control your bitcoin on the blockchain. If you hold bitcoin with an exchange, they hold the private keys, so you’re trusting them with your money. Bitkey is a self-custody wallet, which means you hold the private keys, so you control your money.

Older man holding Bitkey hardware and a mobile phone displaying the Bitkey app.
Bitkey hardware safely stored in a jewellery box at home.

Protect your savings with hardware

Your Bitkey hardware device is designed to protect your savings. It needs both your fingerprint and phone to approve transactions, so you can leave it safely at home knowing your money’s protected.

With an app to send, receive, and transfer

Use the Bitkey app for simple, secure day-to-day spending. Set an optional daily limit on the amount of bitcoin you can access just using your phone, while your hardware protects the rest of your money at home.

Two women using the Bitkey app in a coffee shop.
Man holding Bitkey hardware and app.

And recovery tools for peace of mind

Today’s self-custody wallets rely on a long password called a seed phrase to recover your money if you lose your wallet. But if you lose your seed phrase and your wallet, you lose your money. And if someone steals your seed phrase, they could steal your money. Bitkey recovery tools help you recover your money if you lose your phone, hardware, or both, without the stress of a seed phrase.

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How Bitkey keeps you safe


2-of-3 multi-signature

Three keys work together to protect your money.



Unlock your hardware with your fingerprint, only stored locally.


Mobile limit

Set an optional daily limit for spending with your phone.


Access without the app

Move money out of Bitkey even if you can’t access the app from app stores.


Recovery tools

In case you lose your phone, or hardware, or both.


No seed phrase

Recovery without the stress of guarding a seed phrase.