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Three keys protect your money.

Bitkey is a 2-of-3 multi-signature wallet. That means there are three private keys protecting your money. One's on your phone, one in your hardware device, and one held for you on the Bitkey server.

You always need two out of three keys to sign a transaction, giving you extra protection. And because Bitkey only holds one key for you, and you hold two, Bitkey can’t move your money without you.

Illustration of how Bitkey works.

How your three keys work.


Mobile key


Initiates and signs payments up to the mobile limit you set


Encrypted backup key stored on your cloud in case you lose your phone


Cannot sign payments over your personalized limit without your hardware


Hardware key


Co-signs payments over the mobile limit you set


Approves changes to your mobile limit


Authorizes your mobile key recovery


Authorizes changes to your trusted contacts and security settings


Server key


Initiates and signs payments up to the mobile limit you set


Helps recover your money if you lose your phone or hardware, or both


Cannot sign payments over your personalized limit without your hardware


Cannot authorize recovery attempts without your hardware key or mobile key

How your Bitkey hardware works.

Protect savings at home.

Your Bitkey hardware works with your mobile app to protect your savings. To access the money protected by your hardware, unlock it with your fingerprint, and tap it with your phone. It connects to your phone via NFC, so you never have to risk plugging it into a computer.

Your keys work together.

Your hardware key and mobile key work together to co-sign transactions, or to change your security settings or spending limits. So you can go out and about, knowing that even if someone has your hardware, they can’t access your money.

Bitkey hardware photo
Woman interacting with the Bitkey app.

How your Bitkey app works.

The home to manage your money.

Your Bitkey app is for managing your money with your hardware, and setting rules around security and spending. Use the app to send, receive, and transfer bitcoin, change your security settings, or start a recovery process.

Safe spending on the go.

For added protection, you can set an optional daily spending limit on your phone. Your mobile key works with the server key to co-sign transactions up to your daily limit, so you can spend safely on the go, knowing even if someone can access your phone they can’t access all your money.

Recover if you lose your phone.

Replace your phone.

If your phone gets lost, stolen or damaged, download the Bitkey app onto a new phone, and sign in to your cloud account via Google Drive or iCloud.

Authorize recovery with hardware.

Once you’re signed in to your cloud account, unlock your hardware and tap to your phone to unlock the encrypted mobile key backup and recover your wallet on your new phone.

Man sitting on sofa at home recovering his Bitkey.
Woman unboxing her new Bitkey hardware and recovering her account.

Recover if you lose your hardware.

Follow recovery steps in the app.

If your hardware device gets lost, stolen, or damaged, tap a button in the app to start the recovery process. This triggers a 7-day security waiting period, and you'll receive security notifications via SMS or email to confirm you’ve requested hardware recovery.

Transfer to your new hardware key.

Once the security waiting period is over, set up a new Bitkey hardware device, pair it with your phone, and transfer your wallet balance to your new keys. Or you can speed up the process using your trusted contacts.

Recover if you lose your phone and hardware.

Set up your trusted contacts.

When you set up your Bitkey for the first time, you can set up ‘trusted contacts’ in the app. Your trusted contacts download the Bitkey app and agree to help you access your money if you lose your wallet.

Send a code to your contacts.

If you lose your phone and hardware, you can download the Bitkey app on a new phone and share a code to your trusted contacts to verify you. Once you’re verified, you can recover your mobile key from the cloud, and complete the process to replace your hardware device.

Unboxing new Bitkey hardware after losing both Bitkey and phone.
Woman using Bitkey on the go.

Move your money out of Bitkey any time.

Manage your bitcoin on your terms.

Even in the unlikely event you’re no longer able to access the Bitkey app, you can safely withdraw your money to another wallet of your choice.

Bitkey is built by the team at Block, Inc.


Millions of customers worldwide

Experience building for millions of customers around the world.


Security expertise

We have been building secure payments products for over 14 years.


Committed to open development

Bitkey is committed to transparency and sharing openly on our blog as we build.


Globally listed on NYSE

Block, Inc. (formerly known as Square, Inc.) is a global technology company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.